Upgrading Your Identity

Our identity is who we really think we are and what we really think we are capable of becoming in life. Most people have positive identity while others have negative identity about who they are. But in reality, the universe always acts as a mirror to our perceptions about what we think we are capable of becoming in life. The universe reflects back to you what you put up off to it. If you think you’re well able and good enough to accomplish your life’s dreams and goals; such identity will guide you to attract people and things that would support you in realizing your dreams and goals. But if you think otherwise, the universe will always act according your wishes based on the identity you projected about yourself. The miracle and good news I’m about to share with you in this post is that you can consciously upgrade and shift your identity and the universe will obey your new identity projections anytime you do that. And for it to be real and efficient, you must upgrade it so deeply and believe the new identity you formed for yourself and live your life in accordance with it daily to enable you resonate with the new you’ve created.

I’ve written a lot on beliefs in my blog, how it can be a tool to determine the direction of our lives. It’s when you realize that to evolve into a better version of you; you must first destroy the old identity you’ve already built many years ago so as to enable a new version of you to emerge. Even if you think your old identity is still serving you, sometimes in life you have to destroy what is merely good to allow what is truly great to flow into your life. Now, take for a moment and think about what you truly want from life and ask yourself what you’re doing today would help you to accomplish your dreams? Ask yourself, do I need to change my strategy, change my beliefs or raise my standards? These are new identity shift you must explore to reach your goals. Instead of trust your old identity which is merely helping you, realize it’s your life and only you can figure it out.

I faced a similar challenge when I wanted to start this my blog website, the arts of exceptional life. My old identity keeps telling me that I’m not good enough yet to kick start my own online business. I kept on telling myself, nobody is going to read my post. Nobody is going to stop by and check what I’m doing here. My mind kept on showing me reasons not to start my own business, most of the things I’ve done wrong in the past when I was trying to speak in public or share ideas with others. But after years of self doubts, I decided to upgrade my identity about who I am and kicked start the business. And today, I’m getting a lot of feedbacks from different countries; people telling me how my work has been helping them make positive changes for themselves. I get visitors from all the whole countries in the world. All these happened because I shifted my identity of who I am and decided to build new ones for myself.

Life isn’t about finding yourself, Life is about creating yourself

You probably think your life could be better. Right now, it’s not that it’s bad. It’s just not what you will call an awesome life at the moment. And if you want to change to awesome life, a great way to do that is by upgrading your identity. And truly, your identity is who you believe yourself to be and is what made up of your thoughts, actions, habits and outer appearance. And the problem here is that most people often make the mistake of believing that identity is pre-determine and cannot be changed. They don’t realize that their current identity exists only because they have allowed it to and that they have the power to change their identity at any time. For you to be able to make a lasting change in your life, you must learn how to upgrade your identity to suit with the new person you wish to become.

You will always be you. There is no law that says you need to be the same person for the rest of your life without upgrading your identity. Why you’re reading this post is because you want to become a better person.

Now, think about the new identity you want to upgrade or step into. What are the inner qualities and outer appearance that make up this new identity? For example, let say you want to attract a new person into your life. How would you feel about yourself when you reach your goal? How would this affect your physical appearance when you attract this person into your? Are you going to start dressing differently? The new things you adopted to during and after the process is the new upgrade you’ve made internally and externally to reach your goal. Another example is, let’s say you want to become a millionaire. Do you think your current, business and what you’re doing right now will help and support you reach your goal? How are you going to feel about yourself once you become a millionaire? Would there be changes in the way you walk, talk, dress and see things around you?

A good place to start is to look closely at the people you admire and isolate the qualities that you admire about them. You can get to know people from reading about their biographies or watch their interviews. You can even make it up because you’re trying to become something bigger than your normal self. You’re finding strong qualities to build a better identity than the one you’ve right now. And to make this work, you need to get specific about what you want in life. Ask yourself the following questions: What’s this person’s demeanor and personality? How would they carry themselves in the public and in their private life? What would they dress often? How do they treat those below them? What good habits do they have in general with other public figures?

Once you have a clear picture for how this new identity thinks, looks, acts, live, then organize this information and create a new profile for yourself you will be looking to, to upgrade your own identity. You must be mentally prepared, visualize yourself adopting the thought processes of this new identity. Rehearse in your mind typical scenarios you face and how you would act with this new set of qualities you’ve set for yourself. Just try to notice the difference between how you would have handled the situation before and how you would have handled it right now.

Once you’ve practiced it mentally several times, do it in a real life. Try to upgrade. And if you think or feel like you’re being fake, it’s because you don’t believe that this new identity is for you. But common mistake we all make is allowing other people to give us identity. For example we allowed our parents, teachers, friends, media, etc. to give us identity that is not good or in alignment with who we truly wants to become in life. It’s time to take back our power to shift and upgrade our identity to enable us reach our goals or become the better person we are wants to become.

In 2010, when I took up a job in a retail sales company that sales livestock feeds within town; I used to identify myself with the product I sell for the company. In 2011, I took another job in an ICT company after graduation from the university as a data entry officer; I do see myself as part of the company. When started teaching Chemistry and Mathematics in a secondary in 2013; then I used to identify myself as a secondary school teacher. When I started working in a bank in 2015, my identity shifted as a banker. In 2019, when I started working as a state health officer, I started holding a different identity about who I am. Now that I’m combining my regular job and business, it gives me different identity about who I am.  What I’m trying to say here is that most often our career or businesses always play a big role in framing our identity about who we are.

 We can make a conscious decision by making our career or business have a positive identity about who are. You don’t have to believe, talk, live, act or do things like everyone in your organization. If the identity they hold about themselves isn’t inspiring, you can upgrade yours to live an exceptional life. You’ve to learn how to shift your identity whenever you discovered that your current identity is no longer serving you better. You’re not just the sales boy/girl, a banker, a school teacher, or any other label you put on yourself and until your remove it, you’ll be stuck there if you fail to upgrade your identity.

Whenever you’re going through or attempting any type of external, be it fitness, career, relationship with others, or anything else, you will have to shift your internal identity along with your external identity to resonate with your new self you’re trying to become. To achieve anything worthwhile in our lives, we must go through personal identity up grade. This is not just about making a good decision but it’s about making real decision to change the decisions you made earlier on because you want new things to happen in your life. You are who you are right now because of the way you about yourself and what you think you’re capable to have in your life. And if we understand that we are where we are because of our past identity we hold about ourselves, it will motivates to hold a positive inspiring identity about who we wish to become in the future.

Shifting Your Identify to enable you Upgrade them

An identity shift is choosing to change your current identity because you want to become a new person and experience a new life altogether. And to upgrade to new identity, you have to endure the changing process because with it nothing new will happen to your life. And this process will test your willpower. Because when the pain of staying the same for a long time is greater than the pain to upgrade to a new identity, the process would be easier. But for most people, this is not the case because their decision to upgrade to their identity is arbitrary. Most people will need to feel an emotional reason for the need to be different or they will never become different. We all know that people follow their own emotions. If they emotional state remain the same for a long time, they will remain the same, but if they get some shift, it will force them to upgrade to new identify.

Some may ask, how long does an identify shift take? The duration can range from several weeks to several years contingent upon one’s ability to discover their underlying emotional reason for their need to be different. Most people fail to make an identity shift because they aren’t ready to undergo the process yet. Too many people are delusional when they think about changing for the better.  Some people think about everything they have to gain by becoming a different person and failed to remember that everything comes with a price to pay. And only those who are willing to pay the price always get what they want from life. By choosing to make new decisions to be upgrade your identity, you’re so making some decisions to let go of your old identity that aren’t useful to you anymore. There is always a changing going on internally and externally whenever we’re in a process of upgrading our identity.

In conclusion, let people around you know what you’re trying to do. You can even share this article with them to enable them understand what you’re trying to do. They can support you by giving you space whenever you need one during the process. But if they are not supportive, it’s okay. You don’t need other people’s approval to upgrade your identity to the new person you want for yourself. If you’re consistent with your new upgrade of your identity, people will begin to accept your identity and change their attitude and beliefs towards you.

If you’re not completely content with where you are in life, consider reinventing yourself. Take time now and figure out specifically who you want to be and take on the thoughts, feelings and actions of the new you. If you can find a way to change your environment (e.g. getting a new job, going away for college, moving to another city or country), even better..The journey of creating a new you starts now!!!


Until Next Time, Live Exceptionally!!!

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