Understanding Your Uniqueness

“If you’re struggling today, remember that life is worth living and believe that the best is yet to come. Remember that you are loved, you matter, and never forget that there is always hope.” 
Germany Kent

In the entire world, there is nobody like you. Since the beginning of time till now there has never been another person like you. Nobody has your smiles, your eyes, your hand writing, your hair, your cry, voice and stuffs you’re made up with. You’re special. Nobody can paint your brush strokes; nobody has your taste of food or music, dance or art. Nobody in the universe sees things the way you do or feel your feelings. You’re special. In all the time there has never been anyone who laughs exactly how you do. You’re just different from any other person who has ever lived in the history of the universe. You are the only one in the whole of creation who has your particular set of abilities and capacities. Nobody in the universe can reach the quality of the combination of your talents and feelings.   

During my early 20s, my personality suffered a lot from low self-esteem and inferiority complex and such feelings of not being good enough like everyone I see around me made me not to pay much attention on developing my personality to live freely as a normal human being back then. I never thought I could do something publicly or speak up to make my points, because within me I always feel like I don’t have what it takes to take charge of my environment and behave like those who do otherwise. And growing up with such feelings of inadequacy or not good enough withdrawn me from not taking risks, or going for what I want from life. I never dated any girl during my early 20s because then, asking someone for a date requires a lot of courage and boldness to make such happens.

Then, I wasn’t taking care of my emotional needs and others things around me. I wasn’t giving in my best on the things I do then, because I thought that’s how my life is just going to be. I was playing it safe and never challenged myself on every aspect to see how far I can go or what I can become in life. I won’t forget the day I was embarrassed during our family morning devotions because I couldn’t preach the word of God (Bible) to my family. Because in my family, everyone is entitled to preach once or twice a year as long as you can read and write. And the day it reached my turn to preach, I couldn’t do that. Despite long preparations and hard-work, I still lack words to preach like others before me. I lacked the boldness and courage to face my family because inside of me, I weren’t convince I could do it.

But after the incident, I started asking myself questions, trying to figure out why I couldn’t do what others are freely doing without fears. I started looking inwardly, starching for motivations and inspirations that could help me redefine myself and live consciously. During the process, I discovered that I’ve been neglecting my uniqueness and as a special being. I gave up my power and strength to fear and low self-esteem. For example, I thought there were things lacking in me which others have or possesses and I don’t have them. It was then; I started reading motivational books, listening to inspirational podcast from different motivational speakers and life coaches. Using some meditation techniques to recondition and reprogram my brain to feel as a special being.  Conducting series of personal research to enable me have different perceptions about life and things around me generally. And doing that wasn’t that easy for because it requires disciplines and commitments to get you going each day.

Today, I can comfortably said, that my years of personal development and self education has pushed me to discovered or understood my uniqueness as a special being. And understanding my uniqueness has also paved the way to live my life dreams and pursue my life purpose respectively. I don’t go around anymore thinking about what I can’t do, rather I invest my time and energy now on doing things I know I can do and do them well. I know, once can be able to I focus on things I can do, other things I can’t do would soon be taken care of because each day I’m working harder to become my best in every aspect of my life. It’s a life choose to live consciously, not what someone else is telling me to do. Understanding my uniqueness as a special being on human creation opens my eyes to do things that will help me design a life with a purpose for myself instead of living life without purpose.

Realize that you are not like anyone else on this planet earth or universe. No one on this earth is exactly the same way you are, even if you have a twin. It’s not even close to your uniqueness. Your individual collection of experiences makes you unique and special. Let that get into your head and stop thinking down on yourself.

Yet what do most people do with this uniqueness? They try to forget it and live each day by default with knowing exactly things they are capable of because they couldn’t gave themselves some space to even try. They cling to the pack, thinking that need to be like everyone else. They only strive for normalcy, to be similar to everyone else without moving out of their comfort zone to reinvent who they are.  

Take Some Steps Forward to Know Your Higher Self

The best way I’ve discovered to live or become my best as a person is to first go and meet myself as a person. You can do this too in your imagination. Try to meet yourself to know your higher self and reinvent what you found. Basically you just visualize yourself going to a room, meeting your future self, and having a conversation with him/her. It’s a very enlightening and an eye opening experience. It’s a total reflections of who you are. It’s like seeing through your mind eyes (insight).

During my personal development and meditations in my early 20s, I met my future self in my imagination; one of the first things I noticed about him was that he was completely free from fear. He was amused by all the fear I seemed to have in me, and he would even tease me about it. If I had a problem or concern, he would recommend some bold and direct solution, but it often required a great deal of courage to implement. He was brutally honest and direct, never playing it safe or doing anything manipulative. I always knew where I stood with him. He always held me to a higher standard than I did.

I could see that his courage gave him a tremendous sense of inner peace. But I didn’t understand how I could reach that level myself. It took me many years to find out what his source of courage was. His courage came about because he saw reality a certain way – a way in which it didn’t make any sense to be afraid. It’s not that he was overcoming his fear or facing his fear. He just wasn’t experiencing any fear at all. He saw fear as nothing but an illusion, so it was pointless to be afraid. So fearlessness might be a better description than courage.

But he wasn’t a perfect success – in fact, he experienced more failure than I did. He had his own problems to handle, but he would handle them by diving in and taking action. He would never hesitate or worry about the outcome. To him life was about action, results, experience, learning, and growth. Fear just wasn’t part of the equation.

One way of looking at this meditation is that my subconscious created this imaginary person as a projection of who it felt I could become – an idealized version of me. But perhaps on some level, this person actually exists. How this model came about, however, isn’t as important to me as how it enables me to grow.

Become your higher self

When you meet your higher self and get to know him/her, it gives you a model for your own growth. It’s a way of comparing yourself to yourself not with others. You don’t need to worry about labels like normal that are based on comparing yourself to others. You’re presented with a vision that is uniquely you, one that you can actually achieve.

Year after year as I continued doing this meditation, it gave me a powerful path for personal growth. By comparing my present self to my future self, I could always see what I needed to do to take the next step. My future self became the vision of where I wanted to go. He was the person I was becoming.

My future self also had the solution to all my growth problems because he’d already solved them. I never had the problem of not knowing what to do. The challenge was always in getting myself to do it and do it without fear.

Eventually this vision becomes so strong that I felt the presence of my higher self even outside of my meditations. He was a part of my consciousness that I could tap into whenever I wanted, like accessing a living memory. Some people would define this imaginary person as a spirit guide. It certainly felt like that at times.

After a number of years, I felt a fusing of that higher self with my present self… to the point where the two became indistinguishable. I actually became the person I first envisioned in my 20s. It took me more than a 7 years to reach this point though. And now I have another projection of a new higher self, one that is more expansive and which is helping to guide me through the next steps on this incredible journey through life. Whereas my original higher self served the purpose of helping me let go of fear, there’s a new higher self forming that seems to be here to help me learn to develop greater compassion, especially as a balance to courage.

Awareness makes life easier

As you consciously strive to become the person you were meant to be, life becomes much easier. Actually it would be more accurate to say that life is just as hard, but your capacity for handling it grows to the point where life seems to get easier. You’re stronger, so the weight feels lighter.

What’s your vision of your higher self? If you want to become this person, take some time to get to know him/her in your imagination. Allow this vision to inspire you and to guide you. Visualize the type of person you always wanted to be, and then hold that vision until you’ve become its physical embodiment.

Through all eternity no one will ever walk, talk, think or do exactly like you. You’re special. You’re rare and in all rarity there is enormous value and because of your great value the need for you to imitate anyone else is absolutely wrong. You can learn from certain people, but you can’t be like them. You’re special, and it’s no accident you are. Please realize that God made you for special purpose. He has a job for you to do that nobody else can do as well as you can, out of the billions of applicants, only one qualified. Only one has the unique and right combination of what it takes and that one person is you. You’re special.

Understanding your uniqueness is a great step in transforming your life from where you are today to your higher self. Once you discover the real truth about your personality and things you are capable of that you never knew before now, there would be a change in your consciousness and that change will guide you to reinvent yourself. It’s a journey or a path that doesn’t require other people to give you directions. Only can strive to discover and understand your uniqueness. You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. Do I know what it is? I don’t know. Only you can find out. Would you slept it off or give it a try?

Until next Time, Live Exceptionally!!

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