The Power Of Reaching Out To Others

Few years ago a friend wrote to me a private message, explaining how my facebook post and things I shared on my website had helped him make some great decisions and conscious choices in his personal life. It touched me as I read down his message knowing that someone’s life is been influenced positively by what I just do for fun. And such confession has been a great motivation and inspiration to me to continue to share my personal experience and things I’ve learned so far. I always do my best to make sure I used my gifts and talents in a way they would be of help to others.

Right now, I blog for free and for fun, I don’t even have a single product I’m selling on my website at the moment, which is still okay by my values and principles. It’s only through Google Adsense and Donations I’m currently used to generate money from the website. All the articles are on the public domain, which means, anyone can access my website from any part of the world freely with more than 50 posts I’ve posted on different categories.

I could also remember years ago when I did 30-day love and gratitude exercise where I sent one person each day a note telling them how I felt about then being in my life and thanking them for what they have invested into my life positively. It was an incredible, powerful and rewarding experience for me and those I reached out to.

Also, I’ve learned to reach out to my family first, relatives then friends, colleagues and then reached out to old teachers who helped me from primary, secondary and University respectively.

Through writing, I’ve been openly and even emotionally raw in notes or messages as I pour my heart to express how I feel about those who have touched my life personally. Things I might never have gotten around to saying to a person came out in writing and I’m very happy expressing my person that way. It helped me realize how grateful I was to have all of these people in my life, and it helped me see their positive impact on my life.

In today’s world and experiences with others, I think we often forget to look at the threads in our priority and see who is making a great contribution to the overall picture. In reality, we are all connected, we are all one, but sometimes our ego doesn’t allow us to do the needful or we sometimes forget reaching out to others. Making a conscious effort to see the energetic threads that connect us can help us appreciate the people in our lives.

I would like to bring this concept to more people to learn and practice as it has been a source of energy and inspiration to my personal life. Now, let me get you started. Pick some people in your life that once supported you or still supporting and love you. Send them a note by outlining their contribution to your life and thanking them for being in it.

This is the sort of act that encourages and strengthens our society. Spreading love and gratitude has an overall positive effect on our planet, and also in our personal lives. You never know when someone you love may be hurting. At least, by hearing how they have been positively active and impacted your life could be the very thing they need to keep going.

Being grateful and thankful helps you stay in touch with the flow of live. The act of gratitude is what convinced others to trust you and desire to do more with you in the long run. It’s what brings you closer to the power of abundance and prosperity. And by reaching out to others, the universe will water your own seed for you when you aren’t strong enough to do so.

Reaching out to others creates more intimacy, it helps us to connect; ultimately, it allows us to have a deeper friendship to turn to when we need encouragement and a meaningful boost.

In today’s world of demanding work schedules and commitments, showing up for someone can seem daunting, exhausting, even seemingly impossible. Because we live in survival mode a lot of the time, reaching out and checking in with a friend can feel uncomfortable. I get that stopping for a minute or so throughout your day to make a call or send a text or email, asking, “Hey, how have you been?” or “I just wanted to let you know that I’m thinking about you,” can feel uncomfortable or seems like one more thing to do. If you’re able to move past the initial awkwardness, though, it’s worth doing.

There are all sorts of minimal ways to reach out to friends or strangers who may be in need of communication or checking in. If the act of reaching out to someone you know seems too unnerving, I always suggest trying to smile at one or two people in line with you at the drug store or the grocery, allowing you to dip your toes into the pool and test the waters. You’d be surprised the lift this can provide others, but also the lift it can give you, how inherently good it can feel to stop midday and carve out a modicum of time to reach out to someone else.

Make a list of people in your life that you want to thank from today, and write them a message of love and gratitude. Make it specific. Make it simple. Go straight to the point, don’t beat about the bush. Pour your heart to it. Make it honest and heartfelt. Be open. Let it be part of your life and watch out what happens from today.

Until Next Time, Live Exceptionally!!!

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