How Your Beliefs Can Help You Accomplish Your Goals Faster

In this article, I’m going to explain how our belief system can help us accomplish our goals faster once we become conscious of it. Before you read this post, I suggest you read my first article on beliefs titled “Are your beliefs serving you or holding you back”. Now let’s get started, picture a goal that you’ve for yourself, maybe a goal of losing some weight, to earn certain amount of money, to complete a particular project; whatever your goal is, just get one in mind right now. I want to ask you; what do you honestly believed it will take you to achieve this goal? This is a goal you’ve already planned out how to achieve it. And answering this question is an easy one because you’ve your goal registered on your mind. For example, maybe your goal is you wanna lose weight and so what you believed to achieve this goal is, you’re going to change your diet, going to exercise a lot more. And once you changed your diet and adopt new exercise programs, and maintain a consistence level of discipline for a period of months then it will work out fine for u to accomplish your goal. So, that might be what you think or what you believe that will take you to achieve that goal. And if you honestly follow or do what you believe it will take to achieve your goal, you’ll probably succeed.

But what I want to talk about in this situation where you look at what you believe it will take you to achieve your goal and seriously over that you didn’t do it. What you believed to achieve your goal seems so difficult and requires too much work from you to do it. The first step or method I’m going to talk about in achieving your goal is working within a certain beliefs system. In other words, you’ve these beliefs about what it will take to achieve your goal, and that’s not necessary the same thing with it will objectively takes to achieve your goal. Because plan is not reality, you just hold such beliefs in your consciousness. Note, that the beliefs you hold doesn’t necessary mean your plan is the only way to achieve your goal, though your plans may work at times. But working on your plans and following the steps of your plans to achieve your goal, whether it’s a clearly documented plan or just kind of a basic idea of the steps you think you need to take. Working on that plan is working within a certain belief system. The belief system that led to the creation of that plans; in other words, is working within your belief, that’s what you believed it will take you to achieve that goal.

This is the common method of goal achievement which is mostly used by everyone. But If you make a plan based on what you believed it will take you to achieve your goal, you’re creating plans based on some objective matter of reality but you really not. Because sometimes our plans work with reality, sometimes it doesn’t. There is always some amount of imperfections in our understanding of reality depending on our level of consciousness. So, what you really do most often is creating plans based on your own mental matter not reality. The second method I want to share with you is to offer you an alternate way of achieving your goals.

The second method I want to talk about is working on your belief system itself. So, this means, instead of accepting your current mental state of what reality is, and the setting goals with that mental of reality, and then using that mental of reality to create the plans to achieve your goals. What I’m going to do here is to take a step back and look at the mental matter that you have and ask can I work on this matter itself to make my goals easier to achieve? Does that make sense? So, let’s use that weight matter again and in this case, you will say you wanna lose weight. Instead of working within your belief system about what it will take to lose weight, you’re going to work on your belief system itself. So what you really want to do here is to condition yourself to believe that you will reach your goal. And you don’t even need to be concern with how it will happen, because that’s working inside the belief system.

In this case, you’re working on the belief system, so you want to install the beliefs that you will definitely lose weight and reach the goal you’ve set for yourself. Now the way that this could work is for you try and install this belief system in yourself and condition yourself to reach your goal. Experience shows me that it appears to be some type of process in ourselves that will tend to make reality or our experience of reality congruence with our beliefs. In other words, our mental matter of reality is not merely our best guess observation of reality. It’s actually our best guess of creation of reality as well. It’s is an observation on one hand, but our mental matter of reality is also creating the paths to our goals. And this is creating how much success or failure we experience in our lives. Because of that creative aspect of our mental matter of reality, we need to take a greater degree of control over what’s actually creating. So, I think very few people realized that when you have belief about something, that belief is a creative entity.

Your beliefs about reality are not merely measuring reality and giving you feedback on reality. There are actually actively creating, and there are two mechanism that can occur. The first is through subconscious action. If you create a belief for example, that you’re going to lose weight and you’re absolutely certain that you’re going to lose weight, don’t you think that could potentially have effect an effects on your behavior? A behavior that could lead you to take the correct actions that will eventually cause you to lose weight. In fact, it will be far more easy to do it that way than to struggle against your belief system and fight with your beliefs. Because in your belief system the original one we talked about where you decided you need to have some restricted diet and do a lot of exercise and maintain some certain level of self discipline.

What you do is you’re really fighting your belief that says it’s hard to lose weight. And so you try to come up against that belief and fight with it. Instead, what I’m suggesting is an alternate approach for you to recondition that beliefs to get yourself believe that it’s going to be easy for you to lose weight. To get yourself believe you will succeed, they by conditioning your subconscious mind to take the correct actions. So that, when you’re thinking about what to eat you will become conscious of it. You’ll be often getting into the subconscious craving and you go and eat what pumps up in your head. Some foods will be pumping up in your head because you’ve an underlined belief that you’re going to succeed on your goal of losing weight.

Let’s take a step back and consider how you actually change this belief. We first of all realized that beliefs are choices and you can make these choices subconsciously or consciously. And thinking that you don’t have the power to change your beliefs is actually self beliefs of its own. If you think about it, is the one that keeps you trapped. Your belief that your mental matter of reality is accurate is actually part of your mental matter of reality. And in fact is the creative part not just part of the observing part. So the first door you’ve to go through in other to believe it is that there are other methods of goal achievement. But all you’ve to do is to consciously decide to drop those beliefs that unnecessary limit your options. And the beliefs that unnecessary limit your options will be called disempowering beliefs, and the ones that free you up and give you more options will be called empowering beliefs.

Empowering beliefs are simply more congruent with the way reality actually works. And a great congruency comes from recognizing that your mental matter of reality has creative effect on your experience of reality is not merely passive, it’s active. Now, the one method I mentioned is your subconscious process and through your subconscious action you’re creating results one way or another which maybe congruent with your mental matter of reality or incongruent with your mental matter of reality. And in the long run, we’re going to strive whether we like it or not for congruency with our mental matter of reality. We also strive for congruency with our beliefs.

The second mechanism is the possibility of super-conscious action, this means somehow, someway through some mechanisms your beliefs and thoughts about reality are going out to the universe and extending beyond your own subconscious mind, beyond your body, and they are imparting the world someway. And now, we can just think how this might happen. But one of the best way is simply to test, to see for yourself that they maybe something more to believe about reality and the way it manifest. This goes beyond your ability to explain it as merely subconscious action.

For example, when you set a goal for yourself and you’re convinced that it’s going to happen, you adopt a new belief, you change your mental matter of reality. From there, you may starts to see some synchronicity occur. You may starts to see strong coincidence within one or days after making these changes for yourself. Now, there’s certainly a possibility in your subconscious that you’ll begin to notice new things. However, I will suggest that if you actually adopt the beliefs that there is possibility of the super conscious action that works during your goal achievement, you have to open yourself up more to receive super-conscious help.

I found that the more I relaxed into that beliefs and say I wonder if there is super-conscious action. I wonder if there is a way for my beliefs to manifest, to go beyond my conscious ability to take direct actions or my subconscious ability to take indirect actions. And somehow my thoughts are affecting reality in some way. The more I did that, the more I saw evidence that, that was true for me. Now, on the other hand, you can say this is a self fulfilling prophecy or maybe I’m convincing myself that it’s true.  And that maybe the case, I have no real way of arguing that. But on the other hand, what if it works? If it works, it works. It doesn’t necessarily matter if you are slightly deluding yourself into believing that your goal are been manifest through super-conscious action. But yet, you’re getting the desired results you needed.

So, think this maybe an empowering belief whether or not it’s objectively or probably true. For now, I can’t see away it could be proven true or false. But I found that simply to believe in it. Simply to open myself up to it and you don’t have to blindly jumping with faith and accept that’s true. What I’m suggesting is that, you simply open yourself to the possibility of it. You allow it to be possible, and doing this maybe much easier than taking direct action within your current belief system. And everyone belief system have some degree of conflict that are incongruent with nature of reality. There may be internally incongruent or may be simply incongruent with reality. So allowing yourself the flexibility of by-passing those incongruence can sometimes allow your goals to manifest far more easily far more quickly  through a process of by-passing the blocks. By-passing those beliefs that will prevent your goal from manifesting easily.

For example, the weight lost goal, by-passing all the hard work that conscious efforts will do because you have a belief that are slightly in conflict. You believed you want to lose weight but you also believed that it’s going to be difficult to do or you want to make a certain amount of money, but you believed you would have to do something hard to make much amount of money. So, to get the blocks out of the way is something that can be achieved by opening yourself up to the potential for the subconscious and super-conscious action. How do you do this? Well, the way you will actually do this, is to choose a belief or to essentially hold an intention. What you’re doing is you’re creating an intention to achieve your goal. Many people know how to use intention in limited ways, such as intending to go to work, or intending to take off the trash. But intention can be much more powerful than that. You can create intentions that are much sounder, such as I intend to lose weight or I intend to attract a mate or simply I intend to be happy or I intend to feel good or I intend to be at peace.

And when you hold these intentions long enough they will eventually become beliefs. This will affect your subconscious actions. You’ll be acting congruently with what you. But then, we also talked about the possibility for synchronicity to occur through super- conscious action. I suggest that you experiment with this process and see how far you can develop it, at a very least it will help you by-pass those disempowering beliefs that are holding you back. And the best it can help you manifest your goal much more quickly. Adopt the beliefs such that you will become a self fulfilling prophecy for what you want. So, prophesize what you want to happen, and see it happening to you.

And the way you do this is actually very simple because you simply need to recognize that it’s a choice. When you realized that your mental matter of reality is at least imparting or creating your reality, then you’ve the potential to make choices that are very important to you. To install belief simply because you have that ability to create, for example, let’s say you want to make go make dinner for yourself. You don’t need special permission to be able to do this. It’s simply you decide to make dinner for yourself, you decide what you want to create, you decide what you want to have and you go do it. Just say I’m going to have this as a dinner, you make it. It’s the same process with beliefs except people make it more complicated. They think they don’t have this ability to do this when they really do.

So simple, state your goal, state it to the universe and say make it so. Simply say I believe I’m going to lose weight and I believe I’m going to make such amount to money or I believe I’m going to attract a mate into my life, and you tell the universe to make it so. So, what you’re really doing is changing your mental matter of reality by choice, by conscious choice. And of course you’ve to recognize that you have this ability that you can do this. So, if you can overcome your resistance to this process and simply try it with open mind, I think you will found a credible way of achieving your goals. And note that the action doesn’t conflict with the first method we talked about for achieving goals, the one you worked within your belief system. Just try your best to apply both and see how you reach your goals with each of them.

Until Next Time, Live Exceptionally!

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