How to Make Your Future work For You

Understanding the universal knowledge of time and how the supply of time work is truly a daily miracle, it would be an eyes opener to most of us on how our future is been affected by it. By doing so, we will begin to change our perceptions and habits towards our future. And our ability to do the necessary things for growth will become our daily motivation. Time is the inexplicable raw material of everything in this world.  With it all our future plans are possible; and without it, nothing will happen.

You wake up in the morning, and lo! Your purse is magically filled with twenty-four hours of the unmanufactured tissue of the universe of your life. It is yours. It is the most precious of possessions….. And no one can take it from you. It is untouchable by human being. No one receives either more or less than you receive. And to make your future work for you, you must determine either you’re going waste the passing moment or take advantage of it to plan your future. You can’t waste tomorrow; you only have now to plan towards tomorrow to make it work for you positively. Tomorrow is being kept for you by our creator; out of it you want to spin health, pleasure, money, family, contentment, respect and evolution of your immortal soul. For exceptional People, time is the most precious commodity they have and how they manage it has the most profound effect on how their future turn out to be, may be five to ten years from today.

Each of us has a unique biological clock which daily controls the peaks and ebbs our productivity. To make your future work for you, you must learn to find out when you’re at your most energetic and invest your talents and skills then. For example, if you’re most productive early in the morning then, take advantage of it, or evening, you can as well do so. Your weakness doesn’t have to harm you if you learn to delegate responsibilities at your peak times. As long as you’re wise enough not to allow or let your weakness stop you from accomplishing your goals, your future will get into a new dimension once you become conscious of your time.

 To make your future work for you, you must have a game plan. And a game plan is things you must do to create the kind of future you’re looking up to. Each day is a priceless mosaic in your lifetime strategy for making your future work for you. It’s going to take great discipline on your part before you will start manifesting things you want to experience in your life. Value is the fruitful result of consistence effort, not just hopes. Remember also, making your future work for you requires making changes to your life right now. Even if making your future work for you means having great job with a lot of money, a family, or getting into your dream school, it’s the things you do today that will affect your future result. You will have to have a game plan and make deliberate changes in your life to make your future work for you.

Becoming conscious of your past is also a great way of making your future work for you. First, you’ve to know that your past does not have to define your future. We may have had our some ups and downs in our past relationship, career path, academics, etc. your past life can’t be defining your future and yet you still have to live an exceptional life. Acknowledge the past, learn from it and move on with your life. Learning from your past mistakes could be an empowering tool in creating a new future for yourself. Just look at things that have gone wrong in the past and look for things to be learned from them. Try to forgive yourself. Look inward and check if there are lessons you can draw out from your past mistakes and use them for your advantage. You can write them down. Are there things you’re doing right now that you know will have consequences that you will regret later? Instead, learn to do something differently than repeating your previous mistakes.

Another way to make your future work for you is to live up to your values each day. Pick a notebook and look around in your house, office, life, and write out everything you’re tolerating in your life right now. Also write out everything that irritates you, everything that makes you feel uncomfortable, everything that makes you feel happy and everything that makes you do things the way you do them. Look for pictures you don’t like in your house, office and clean them. Check for things that are making you to be unfocused and take them out for your life. Make sure you know not just what you stand for but also what you don’t. And being true to yourself will give you inner strength to set a high standard for yourself and thrive to accomplish your standards with peace of mind. At least make a certain list of rules you want to live by each day, and by doing so, it will give you an indication of what your values are.

Once you were able to figure out what your values are, begin to devote yourself strength and energy to live up to them. Become an expert with your values because it’s what defines and speaks for you even when you’re not there to defend them. Take that risks that have a high payoff of helping you better yourself at what you want and enjoy doing. And by focusing more on your values, you will be forced from within to develop a definite mindset on how to make your future work for you. You cannot become better at a given skill or engage more deeply with a given interest without devoting yourself to a plan of action on how to make your future work for you.

Another way to make your future work for you is to set some goals for yourself. Set your ambitions in lines with your values. Think of your priorities and passions as a person. For example, where do you want to see yourself in your career five years from now? What can you do now that will help you achieve these goals? Learn to research how you can make your passion fulfill your priority. Make a list of 100 goals you want to achieve before you die. And review it once a month. Ask yourself the following questions in each aspect of your life. For example, in your Finance, ask yourself. What do I want my income to be a year from now, three years from now or ten years from now? In your Job and Career, ask yourself. Where do I want to be a year from now? Five years from now? How do you want define your career in the next five years? Your dreams and passions about it, do you have any in your career? Do you want to be the head of the department of the company you’re working for or start your own company? Do you want to be number one in your field? In your Relationship, ask yourself. What are the qualities of relationships do you want to have or experience in your life at least a year from now? Five years from now? What type of person do you want to attract as a soulmate? Where do you want to go with your partner? In your Health and Fitness, ask yourself. How do you want your body to be throughout your life time? Do you want to lose 10ps, 20ps, or 50ps may be year from now? Do you want to run a marathon? And know that good and healthy life style includes eating, physical activity, regular sleep cycle, and good hygiene habits.  In your Fun and Recreation, ask yourself. Are you enjoying your life? How many vacations do you want to go this year? Or five years from now? Where do you want to live five years from now? What kind of life experience do you want to have? In your Knowledge and Adventure, ask yourself. How long will your skills last?- in an open market, not only within your current organization? Do you have skills that can take you to the next level? How can your current skills and talents will prepares you for the job that does not exist yet? What do you want to learn and know this year? What skills and talents do you want to develop may be five years from now? Ten years from now? In your Behavior and Character, ask yourself. How do you treat and talk to other people? Are there things that need changes in your behavior and character? Are there things that need improvement? How strong is your sense of integrity, honesty compassion and self discipline? In the area of Contributions, ask yourself. What do I want to give back to my community? How are you living your life purpose? What do you have for your generation? What positive difference are you going to bring or make happen to mankind? Are you becoming something other people would be proud of to seek for advice whenever they need one to improve their lives? Is your life serving the highest good of all?

Real success in every aspect of life is finding yourself and building upon what you find within you. Your future can only work for you when you give it your best and thrive for positive outcomes in all you do. Also you must learn how to question some of your beliefs system because by doing so, it will help you to become conscious of your thoughts and beliefs about true nature of reality. Negative thoughts pattern will always hinder your effort to accomplish your desired goals. It’s always simple and easy to slip into autopilot or be doing things because someone else must have done it that way without questioning your beliefs know why you must do same thing. If you do not make some great plans on how to make your future work for you, you’re less likely going to have default life.

To make your future work for you, you must build some strong network with others. Be kind to people. Learn how to make people come to you and build a lasting trust that will convince them to do business with you. Build a good network of people you can rely on for advice and support whenever you need one. This can include your friends, people you work with who are positive and energetic and must be higher in the command chain than you are in the organization. Look for those who have more experience than you for advice on how to make your future work for you, even if you are not in the same path with them, they can have personal experience they can still give you solid advice that can be apply to where you are going.

Finally on how to make your future work for, you must learn the attitude of gratitude by seeing and reflecting about the good things must have happened in your life, and not celebrating your failures. Being grateful has long-term benefits on your health, career, relationships with others and family. Every night before bed time, think of the good things that have happened today, including the things people do or said to you. Reflect on the things you ate and drink for the day because for most people, it’s always to take things for granted. Our attitude of gratitude should be a daily act we do to appreciate things we have already in our lives.

Stay up to date on current trends in the technology and in your industry; this will help you foresee new roles, opportunities and technology skills to make your future work for you. Life-long learning ability and dynamically updating your skills as a conscious being, will prepare you to take advantage of unseen opportunities and pave the path for the personal vision for success. You need to go beyond your academic qualifications, skills and experience.

Until Next Time, Live Exceptionally!!!

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