How to Know if You’re Living Your Life purpose

Obviously, the question of how we’re going to live our lives is one of the big questions that all of us face on our daily lives. And trying to answer this question had often been difficult for most of us. However, if we shift between different perspectives as we try to answer this question, it can give us some additional clarity that makes the question easier to answer. So ultimately, our goal here is to answer the question; “how shall I live my life”? And what we’re going to deal with is that we are going to use our imaginations to explore possible answers to this question from different perspectives. And the two main factors we’re going to use to shift our perspective are time and space. And I will explain those factors in just a moment. The ultimate goal here is to make the question easier to answer in the way that satisfies you.

So, let’s start with time. Let’s begin with the present moment. How do you feel about your life right here? That’s probably not a hard question to answer, right? Let’s shift this perspective and ask. How do you think you feel about how you’re living right now?  A year from now? Five years from now? Ten years from now? Twenty years from now? Fifty years from now? At your dead bad? Imagine going all the way to the end of your life and thinking from that perspective how you feel today right now. What will be important to you? Or what will not be important to you?

Now, let’s shift to the past and ask. How would your childhood self think of the person you’ve become right now? How would you as a teenager think of the person you’ve become today? And if you’ve moved past to your twenties, how would you as a thirty something years old think of the person you’ve become today? How would you from five years ago think of the person you’ve become today, or a year ago thinks of who you’re today? We can also take the question beyond our lifetimes, further to the past or forward into the future and ask. Where does your life fit into the human history and entire history of the universe? What type of legacy are you creating to the future? What does your life mean when you pull back outside the context of time? Just use your imaginations and answer the questions as best as you can.

Now, initially you may not like the answer you hear at first, but that’s okay because the whole purpose is to give you greater clarity so you can make the changes you want to make. Something that seem important to you right now can eventually become meaningless when you look at it at different time perspective. One example is money. Money looks good within your lifetime but as you go forward into the future, it might looks even more important. But when you extend it beyond your lifetime, and pull back further outside the context of time, it become eventually meaningless.

Personally, since my childhood, I always have this dream of working in a corporate organization after my degree because for me it’s the best place to pursue a career path. For me, I always think and see most people that works in such organizations being more responsible and successful than others from my personal perspectives back then as a child. Then, after graduating from the university, I gained the opportunity to pursue a career path in the banking sector which had been my biggest dream growing up as a kid. I spent five years of my career life working in banking sector, but after asking myself the real meaning of my life from different perspectives, I discovered that my life purpose is beyond sitting down on an air-conditioned office everyday and be something that wasn’t inspiring me to live an exceptional life as a conscious being. It could be the best and perfect opportunity for most people but for me I see it as been caged for life. It’s living a default life each day without taking any calculated risks or challenges of my own to know how far I can go in life. Working as a corporate employee weren’t the best thing I can do with my life. I can do better than that if I go for my life purpose. You know if you work as a corporate employee there won’t be enough rooms for you to explore your potentials and express your creative abilities to live the life of your own. That was why on April, 2018 I decided to call it a day been caged as a corporate employee and made up my mind to quit my job and pursue my life purpose, and since then I can honestly say that my life gotten has a new dimensions and different meaning from what it were before now. A lot people their lives without being conscious of their daily acts because see themselves as a money making machines.. They are only interested on the paycheck just to pay the bills without thinking about their lives from different perspectives..

Now, let’s move to the second factor we can use to answer the question; which is space. This means moving towards other perspectives beyond your own ego and asks. How does your life look from someone else perspective? How does it look from the perspective of your spouse or your boyfriend or girlfriend if you have one? What about your friends and peers? How would they look at your life right now? How about your parents? Your children? Your worst enemy ? People you respect? What about groups of people, like your community?  Your country? The whole world? Does the way you’re living right now look good from all these different perspectives? i.e from other people’s angles. You can believe it or not, there are more people in the world than just you. Then, after asking myself the meaning of my life from other people’s perspective, I found out that I can do better than just working on my day job to just pay the bills and take care of myself only. I discovered that I can help others through my technical skills and still feel happy about myself. I discovered I can handle my personal business and still have enough time to serve the highest good of all.

The next thing to do is to combine both space and time. For example, ask. What would your parents hopes and dreams for you when you were born? Do they ever have any dream for you? How would your own children feel about your life after you’ve died? You can step outside your own life and look at it from perspectives of everything that exist time and space, a sort of cosmic perspective and ask. How does your life fit into the universe? What does it mean you exist at all? The goal here is to create a life for yourself consciously that makes sense from all different perspective not just your own. So, think of it as creating a life that’s ecologically sound.

Does your life serve not only your own good but the highest good of all? What are you going to do with your life? I know that’s a tough question to answer. When you only focus on your limit perspective of the present moment than your own ego, but when you pull back outside your perspective and look at it from multiple perspectives. It becomes much easier to come up with an intelligent response. Now, from this, you would be able to summon the courage to get the right answer for the meaning of your life. And in most cases, I believe your answers would be very simple ones. For example, my own answer is I’m here to be exceptional and help others live exceptionally. This answer looks good to me from every perspective I’ve considered in this article. It looks good within my own ego and within my present moment. It tells me what I should be doing right now; like writing this article. But also, it looks good to me from the perspectives outside of time and it looks good to me from other people’s perspective. And I’ve been living with such mindset for years now. And the results had been absolutely wonderful.

My ultimate wish for you is to be able to enjoy each day of your life with a sense of purpose. To wake up each day knowing why you exist and pursue that purpose with so much passion that it’s affects every fiber of your being. And that’s what it means live exceptionally. When you do what most people don’t do. But this is just a choice for you to make. You can shout out to the universe; what’s the meaning of my life! And all you may get in response may be static that’s because life is posing this question to you and it’s waiting for your answer. It’s saying to you, okay, I gave you life, now what are you going to do with it? Don’t allow yourself to answer this question with static too. It’s your life and it’s your responsibility to decide what to do with it. Your life itself would be your final answer. The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose. So, make it a good one.

Until Next Time, Live Exceptionally!

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