Dealing With Failure

Many of the greatest things that have happened in the world history start with little people. Think of American Thosmas Edison who invented electric bulb, he had so much of the concept of electricity and lighting. He is from a little town and poor family background but determined to succeed anyway. He was just in the laboratory all alone and all of his experiments kept failing. One day, one journalist asked him, don’t get discouraged? He said no, every time I failed, I get encouraged, because now I know ways it doesn’t work. That means I’m closer to figuring out how it does work. He was just sitting in his laboratory, but he has a purpose, and he believed in it. And now you see how it has affected the planet we’re living in today?

He did little things with purpose and after some series of failures he came out with big that everyone enjoys in the whole world today. You see, big things often start with little people with purpose, in little ways. And what’s important is not such much the result, but it’s our purpose, our cause. And even if we could just do a little something for just a few people, in God’s eyes, and in our soul, in our own conscience eyes, that is a gigantic accomplishment. And if we could do something with great quantity, same thing with purpose, we will achieve a lot in life. And by doing so, every single one of us can make an incredibly beautiful difference in the world we live. It’s by doing so, our lives will have a meaning to it.

In our high-achieving society, failure is often seen as the worst situation that one can encounter. Rather than embracing failure as a learning and growth opportunity, those who fail in some aspect of their lives will often see it as an immovable barrier, telling them that they are not capable of overcoming their weaknesses. The truth is that failure is never the end of the road. It is simply an indicator that there are some parts of ourselves and our lives that we need to put more effort into in order to get the results that we desire.

Are you struggling to overcome failure, rise above it, and seek the path to success? For those who are having difficulty moving past failures, continue reading the article to learn how to deal with failure and pick yourself back up.

The fear of failure and the excitement/happiness that comes from success, like other emotions, trigger reactions within certain portions of the brain, which helps to contribute to our overall learning and growth capabilities. When we see so much terrorism, so much hatred, so much greed, so much earthquakes, volcanoes and droughts, and so many problems in the world today.  These make us to think what gonna do to fix our lives? After all these, we can do something incredible and unbelievable, just by making that inner connection within ourselves and in making right choices to make a positive difference in the world. And when few us come together to share that, and then wonderful things really can happen to mankind in a special ways.

Failure can be daunting but it doesn’t have to be. You are always capable of taking your failure and turning it into success if you approach it the correct way. Failing in life is when we don’t see that potential God has deposited in us, and real success in life is not the quantity but what we live for others who we may not even know in our horizon.

Key Things to Know About Failure

  • Acknowledge the Failure (But Don’t Dwell or Take It Personally)
  •  View Failure as a Learning Opportunity and Take Notes
  • Create a Map That Will Help Translate Failure into Success
  • Accept Responsibility for Your Role in the Failure
  • Remind Yourself of past Failures and Successes When Faced with a Large Failure

Until Next Time, Live Exceptionally!!!

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