How to Create Your Desire With The Universe

Creating what you want from life  often determined by the vibrational match of your thoughts and emotions you aligned with what you want. The feelings behind your thoughts create whatever you’ve or experiencing in your life right now. To create anything we desire or want from life, all we’ve to do is to change our vibrational thought frequency to match what we want to create in our lives. This principle implies in every aspect of our lives because once our thoughts are in congruency with our desire, the universe will bring some form of synchronicities that will enable us create what we want. The universe always responds to the feeling and emotion of our thoughts, not the thoughts themselves. This is what activates the energy and produces the things we experience in our lives. Energy will always find its vibrational match.

It is important to understand that it is not your thinking that creates your circumstances, but the emotion that’s attached to your thinking. We think a lot in life about what you really want for ourselves, but only few of our thoughts that aligned with the universe are what create what we want from life because of the strong feelings and emotions attached to it. You don’t have to work very hard on all your wishes sometimes before you could have them manifest in your life. Thinking and believing such creation pattern is just another belief system itself. If you believe it’s a dog eat dog world, and you have to work hard and effort to get what you want. Guess what? You probably guessed it right and perfectly. If you believe it, you will live it. It’s your life, what you believed in will always work for you. The universe will always respond to your emotions and feelings attached to your thinking faculty.

What I want to share with you in this article is to bring you closer with the universal principle that will open your mind eyes to learn how to align your thoughts with your emotions and feelings to create what you want or desire from life consciously. Note, any difficulties you are experiencing in your life right now will change as quickly as you can change the negative or opposing energy system that keeps attracting the results you are getting right now. Remember, whatever you think about with great feelings and emotions, focus on and talk about it often is what you will attract more of in your life. This is one the universal law most people are ignorant of. After reading this post today, you won’t be ignorant of anymore. What is, if you find things in your life you don’t like and keep talking about it and focusing on it, you will attract more of what you have right now.

Let me tell you, the universe that we live in is unlimited. The only thing that is limited is our beliefs and our energy systems. We limit ourselves through our belief system. Look around you and see people are doing more than you in every aspect of life, not because they are smarter than you but because of what you believed or thought you are capable of right now. To change your results, you must consciously awaken the giant in you by changing your belief system. The universe doesn’t care whether you accept poverty or unlimited riches, happy relationships or toxic relationship, sickness or health, success or failure. The choice is up to you because it can deliver more than you can possibly imagine. The universe dose not judge whether you can have things or not, it simply responds to your vibrational match which is your energy.

Here, the problem is that most people are creating by default. In other words, they are creating unconsciously, not knowing how they get what they get from life every day. Then they blame their parents, other people, circumstance and conditions outside of themselves for what they don’t have in life. Awareness is always the first step to change. Once you become aware on how the universe creates your want are desire through your thoughts and feelings, you will start focusing on how to use your belief system to re-create your life.

How Does the Universe Decide What You Get?

Most often, I do ask myself, what if others want exactly the same thing I want from life and I am involved with them. How does the universe decide which person gets what they want? Experience had thought me some lessons about how to create what I want from life and gave me real answer to this question, which is, when you have a vision of something and it feels like other people want same thing. And it feels like other people are shooting your wish down to get theirs or they don’t want you to get what you want. It is not their shooting it down or what they want that is threatening your manifestation. The problem is that you are letting their vision of your vision disconnect you from your vision. In other words, you see them as powerful players or as hindering players and you are focused on their hindrance and in doing so you are not in alignment with your vision. Then the pain you feel is not because they are hindering your vision- the pain you’re feeling simply means, you’re out of alignment with your vision.

The discomfort you are experiencing during creation process is because you are invested in the outcome of your vision instead of aligning your thoughts and feelings with the universe to create what you desire. You want it to come to you in the exact way you envision it. Anytime you pick a particular source, person or situation and assign it the task that will be the vortex by which your dream will be fulfilled, you severely limit yourself. Instead, all you have to do is hold to your dream with an attitude of appreciation and the universe will satisfy that dream in many more ways than you can imagine. You have so much more potential for your dreams to be satisfied than through that one source. And yet you use your squabble over that as your reason for not being in alignment with your dreams. So you are depriving yourself of the dream coming through that avenue of any other avenue. And all your frustration and your anger continue to grow because you feel powerless. You are saying, I want something and I feel I can’t have it, and the reason I feel I can’t have it is because of what someone else is doing.

You need to understand that the universe sees you uniquely and separately and will answer your every question, your every desire and your every dream, but you have to stop making excuses and blaming others for why it cannot be fulfilled. There are only two things you can do with your brain power. You can either spend it, or you can invest it. Time spent is gone forever. However, time invested in the form of learning creates a lifetime of payoff in knowledge and increased prosperity and joy. Make today the day; decide right now that you are going to invest your time in learning and studying things that will bring you closer to your desires. It’s up to you to determine how you spend your time daily.  

What you really want most in life is freedom to create your wants and desires- freedom from resistance. However, you will never find that freedom by trying to control the behavior of others. You will only find it when the behavior of others becomes a non-issue because you are able to focus your mind in ways that allow you to be in alignment in the flow and this gives you that feeling of well being. The feelings of making others come into agreement with you in order to get what you want from life will render you powerless every single time you tried to do that. Even people who want to agree with you won’t agree if you are wondering about them agreeing.

Instead, let it go. Say to the universe, you know what I want. Give it to me in the path of least resistance. Give it to me in whatever way is appropriate, and then watch how many vortexes open for you. Everything you want can come to you and you don’t need to demand the cooperation of others most often. When you come into alignment with what you want that cooperative universe yields it to you endlessly and other uncooperative people become irrelevant to your creation. You can have everything you want if you don’t make what other people want seem like it is in opposition to what you want. If you don’t make it a big factor in your vibration the universe will find a way through that path of least resistance to bring it to you.

Watch out for the non-essential things that you are trying to control in your life. When you clean up your vibration from lacks and competition with others and replace it with abundance feelings and non-competition approach to life, you will start to see that not only can you have everything you want, but everyone else can also have everything they want without stepping on your creative toes at all. You don’t in each other’s way unless you fixate on something you don’t want them to want and use that as an excuse to mess up your vibration. The universe has the ability to give everyone what they want without anyone getting in each other’s way.

Once you have your list, it’s time to amplify your signal to the universe by asking for what you want. When the universe is clear on what you want to manifest, then it can help you. If you don’t ask, it will still try to help you, but it guesses as to what you truly desire. Don’t leave what you receive up to chance, ask for what you want. There are lots of ways to ask including prayer, meditation, visualization, and vision boards. An easy way to ask for what you want is to write a letter to the universe. Ask the universe for what you want once a day makes your requests clearer and clearer.

Until Next Time, Live Exceptionally!  

How to Know if You’re Living Your Life purpose

Obviously, the question of how we’re going to live our lives is one of the big questions that all of us face on our daily lives. And trying to answer this question had often been difficult for most of us. However, if we shift between different perspectives as we try to answer this question, it can give us some additional clarity that makes the question easier to answer. So ultimately, our goal here is to answer the question; “how shall I live my life”? And what we’re going to deal with is that we are going to use our imaginations to explore possible answers to this question from different perspectives. And the two main factors we’re going to use to shift our perspective are time and space. And I will explain those factors in just a moment. The ultimate goal here is to make the question easier to answer in the way that satisfies you.

So, let’s start with time. Let’s begin with the present moment. How do you feel about your life right here? That’s probably not a hard question to answer, right? Let’s shift this perspective and ask. How do you think you feel about how you’re living right now?  A year from now? Five years from now? Ten years from now? Twenty years from now? Fifty years from now? At your dead bad? Imagine going all the way to the end of your life and thinking from that perspective how you feel today right now. What will be important to you? Or what will not be important to you?

Now, let’s shift to the past and ask. How would your childhood self think of the person you’ve become right now? How would you as a teenager think of the person you’ve become today? And if you’ve moved past to your twenties, how would you as a thirty something years old think of the person you’ve become today? How would you from five years ago think of the person you’ve become today, or a year ago thinks of who you’re today? We can also take the question beyond our lifetimes, further to the past or forward into the future and ask. Where does your life fit into the human history and entire history of the universe? What type of legacy are you creating to the future? What does your life mean when you pull back outside the context of time? Just use your imaginations and answer the questions as best as you can.

Now, initially you may not like the answer you hear at first, but that’s okay because the whole purpose is to give you greater clarity so you can make the changes you want to make. Something that seem important to you right now can eventually become meaningless when you look at it at different time perspective. One example is money. Money looks good within your lifetime but as you go forward into the future, it might looks even more important. But when you extend it beyond your lifetime, and pull back further outside the context of time, it become eventually meaningless.

Personally, since my childhood, I always have this dream of working in a corporate organization after my degree because for me it’s the best place to pursue a career path. For me, I always think and see most people that works in such organizations being more responsible and successful than others from my personal perspectives back then as a child. Then, after graduating from the university, I gained the opportunity to pursue a career path in the banking sector which had been my biggest dream growing up as a kid. I spent five years of my career life working in banking sector, but after asking myself the real meaning of my life from different perspectives, I discovered that my life purpose is beyond sitting down on an air-conditioned office everyday and be something that wasn’t inspiring me to live an exceptional life as a conscious being. It could be the best and perfect opportunity for most people but for me I see it as been caged for life. It’s living a default life each day without taking any calculated risks or challenges of my own to know how far I can go in life. Working as a corporate employee weren’t the best thing I can do with my life. I can do better than that if I go for my life purpose. You know if you work as a corporate employee there won’t be enough rooms for you to explore your potentials and express your creative abilities to live the life of your own. That was why on April, 2018 I decided to call it a day been caged as a corporate employee and made up my mind to quit my job and pursue my life purpose, and since then I can honestly say that my life gotten has a new dimensions and different meaning from what it were before now. A lot people their lives without being conscious of their daily acts because see themselves as a money making machines.. They are only interested on the paycheck just to pay the bills without thinking about their lives from different perspectives..

Now, let’s move to the second factor we can use to answer the question; which is space. This means moving towards other perspectives beyond your own ego and asks. How does your life look from someone else perspective? How does it look from the perspective of your spouse or your boyfriend or girlfriend if you have one? What about your friends and peers? How would they look at your life right now? How about your parents? Your children? Your worst enemy ? People you respect? What about groups of people, like your community?  Your country? The whole world? Does the way you’re living right now look good from all these different perspectives? i.e from other people’s angles. You can believe it or not, there are more people in the world than just you. Then, after asking myself the meaning of my life from other people’s perspective, I found out that I can do better than just working on my day job to just pay the bills and take care of myself only. I discovered that I can help others through my technical skills and still feel happy about myself. I discovered I can handle my personal business and still have enough time to serve the highest good of all.

The next thing to do is to combine both space and time. For example, ask. What would your parents hopes and dreams for you when you were born? Do they ever have any dream for you? How would your own children feel about your life after you’ve died? You can step outside your own life and look at it from perspectives of everything that exist time and space, a sort of cosmic perspective and ask. How does your life fit into the universe? What does it mean you exist at all? The goal here is to create a life for yourself consciously that makes sense from all different perspective not just your own. So, think of it as creating a life that’s ecologically sound.

Does your life serve not only your own good but the highest good of all? What are you going to do with your life? I know that’s a tough question to answer. When you only focus on your limit perspective of the present moment than your own ego, but when you pull back outside your perspective and look at it from multiple perspectives. It becomes much easier to come up with an intelligent response. Now, from this, you would be able to summon the courage to get the right answer for the meaning of your life. And in most cases, I believe your answers would be very simple ones. For example, my own answer is I’m here to be exceptional and help others live exceptionally. This answer looks good to me from every perspective I’ve considered in this article. It looks good within my own ego and within my present moment. It tells me what I should be doing right now; like writing this article. But also, it looks good to me from the perspectives outside of time and it looks good to me from other people’s perspective. And I’ve been living with such mindset for years now. And the results had been absolutely wonderful.

My ultimate wish for you is to be able to enjoy each day of your life with a sense of purpose. To wake up each day knowing why you exist and pursue that purpose with so much passion that it’s affects every fiber of your being. And that’s what it means live exceptionally. When you do what most people don’t do. But this is just a choice for you to make. You can shout out to the universe; what’s the meaning of my life! And all you may get in response may be static that’s because life is posing this question to you and it’s waiting for your answer. It’s saying to you, okay, I gave you life, now what are you going to do with it? Don’t allow yourself to answer this question with static too. It’s your life and it’s your responsibility to decide what to do with it. Your life itself would be your final answer. The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose. So, make it a good one.

Until Next Time, Live Exceptionally!

Embracing The Truth to Live Exceptional Life Part 1

To live an exceptional life, one must understand and accepts the reality of his or her life circumstance as there are right now without pretends or denial. We primarily grow as human beings by discovering new truths about ourselves and reality. On every area of our lives, we’ve the option of facing the truth willingly or keep living in denial of the truth. And when we lingered in the state of denial for so long, we often risk having the truth force upon us by true nature of reality. Our external world will eventually prove us wrong.

You will certainly learn some important lessons no matter how you live each day of your life, but you can honestly accelerate your growth in every aspect of your life tremendously by consciously seeking truth and deliberately turning away from falsehood and denial. Which part of your life can benefit from you being more truthful to yourself? Is it your health, relationship, career or your financial situations? Is there any part of your life were you sense you’ve been avoiding facing the complete truth about it? Which part of your life do you feel you’ve failed to look into lately?

Another way to think about this, is to ask yourself, where in your life do you experience the greatest degree of procrastination? What are you putting off lately? What do you avoid looking at in your life? Whatever you found fear looking into or unwillingness to face the truth about could be that some part of you doesn’t really want to know the truth. I’m not saying that ignorance is bliss, but sometimes you might find ignorance more attractive than completely accepting the reality as it is.

Genuine personal growth is honest. You can’t take shortcuts through the land of make-believe. Your commitment on living an exceptional life must be to discover and accept new truths, no matter how difficult or unpleasant the consequence may be. You can’t solve problems if you don’t admit they exist. How can you achieve a fulfilling career if you won’t admit that your current job is wrong for you? How can you improve your relationship situation if you refuse to accept that you’ve been feeling empty and alone? How can you better your health if you won’t accept that your current poor habits don’t serve you?

Understanding the true nature of reality is the ultimate arbiter of truth. If your thoughts, beliefs, and actions aren’t aligned with truth, your result will suffer. When you align yourself with the truth, your troubles won’t fix themselves overnight, but you’ll be taking an important step in the right direction because you’ve chosen to know the truth. But you’ve to keep this in mind, when you’re facing the truth about your life situation, don’t worry about how to handle it afterwards. Facing the truth should never be conditional upon you knowing how to handle it contingency in advance.

When you deny your problems, you turn away from the truth. The lies you tell yourself grow more lies on a daily basis, infecting your mind with falsehoods that weave themselves into your identity. You become disconnected from your true self, living as a mere shadow of brilliant being you were meant to be. You aren’t here to endure such existence. You’re here to learn how to create a life of your own choosing by yourself. It’s not for me to say what that life should look like, but I will do my best to help you figure it out.

Imagine a smoker saying, yes I know that smoking is wrong for me, I know is killing me, but at least for now I don’t see a way to successfully quit smoking, so I’m going to keep doing it. Or imagine someone on an outdated relationship, acknowledging that the relationship needs to end, but they don’t see a possible way of breaking up yet. What do they usually get? Denial, right? People say no, smoking is okay, it’s not killing me or I’m not that addicted. Or they are in a relationship; ooh the relationship is not that bad. We often see most people ignoring the truth and continue doing what’s wrong for them.

You see, once you started accepting the truth, even if you don’t like what you see at that moment, it will help you become much more clearly headed. You’ll gain access to mental resources you never know you had. You’ll start thinking clearly. So, it’s okay to ignore your weakness and yet to continue succumbing to them. Just say to yourself, I know this is wrong for me but right now I lack the strength, the knowledge or the resources to change it. Then you can direct your energy on the intention to eventually fine the strength to make the changes you need to make, whatever there may be. And by then, you will start saying no to things you’ve to say no to, and yes to the things you actually want for yourself.

It’s better to face the truth even when it seems easier or hard. Stop pretending. Don’t pretend you like the job you actually dislike. Don’t pretend you’re happy being in an unfulfilling relationship you don’t like. Don’t pretend your health is okay when it’s not. If you want things to be easier for you, you’ve to complain to yourself and start accepting the truth. Nothing is going to change you until you do that first.

But once you surrendered to what it is, to what the truth of the matter is. You’ll then finally begin to create what you want in your life. The truth has to come first. When you accept the whole truth of whatever situation you found yourself in, you’ll then be in a position to make the better decision because it will now base on reality instead of unwishful thinking or denial or ignorance. And surrounding to the truth will also help you manifest the motivation, the energy, the ideas and the resources that you need to act on the truth, because you’ll be no longer wasting so much energy maintaining an illusion.

Two Methods of Facing the Truth

1.The simple writing exercise: Go over each area of your life and simply write a paragraph about each one of them. You would ask yourself question on each of them, like how am I doing in this area of my life right now? For example how am I doing financially right now? How am I doing physically right now? You don’t have to be particularly structured about this, just write whatever comes to your mind. Now after writing each paragraph, the second thing to do is give the each area of your life a numerical rating on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 means this area is practically down and couldn’t get much worst and 10 meaning that your result in this area are good in the sense you can’t even imagine it. For example, in your finance, 1 mean you’re heavily in debts, broke or you’ve little income, and 10 mean that you’ve achieve financially independent. Now you’ve written them in paragraph and rate them from 1 to 10, you’ll know how you’re doing on each area of your life. You’ll gain clarity on which part is going and which part is going bad. And this will help you know where to invest more time and energy versus those parts you can minimize how you work on them.

 Now, here is the main list of the area of your life to ask questions. On Work, ask, how am I doing on my work? That’s your career, job or your business right now? On Finance, ask, how am I doing financially? That’s your income, savings, investment, asserts and debts if you’ve any right now? On Relationship, ask, how am I doing in my relationship? That’s the type of relationship you have or you want to have right now?

On Home and family, ask, how am I doing with my home and family members? That’s your home life and the relationship with the other members of your family right now? On Physical body, ask, how am I doing physically? That’s your diet, exercise habit, stain free from diseases and overall your energy level right now? On Mentality, ask, how am I doing mentally? That’s your knowledge, education, talents and skills right now? Are you learning new ideas and developing new skills and talents right now? On Social life, ask, how am I doing socially? That’s your friends and social experiences, networking with other people, belonging to social clubs and organizations right now?

On Emotions, ask, how am I doing emotionally? That’s how you feel generally about your life right now? Are you feeling positive and optimistic or negative and pessimistic right now? Are you paying enough attention to the warning signs of negative emotions? On Spirituality, ask, how am I doing spiritually? That’s your religious beliefs and philosophy of life, which includes your sense of purpose and overall level of clarity of your existence in your place in the universe right now.

On Character, ask, how am I doing character wish? That’s, how strong is your sense of integrity, honesty, your courage, your sense of honor and your level of discipline right now? On Contributions, ask, how am I doing in contributing to others? That’s, are you giving something of value to the world? Do you feel you’re making a difference with your life right now? On Fun and Adventure, ask, how am I doing at fun and adventure? That’s, are you enjoying your life? Are you experiencing what you want to experience in your life right now?

Some people think in a shorter list, that’s thinking only of the body, mind and spirit. You know whatever one is the best for you. I do this in every quarter of the year, that’s four times in a year. It gives me a great deal of clarity on where I’ll be focusing my energy in my life for the next quarter.

2. The second way to get the truth about your life is to get feedback from other people. For example ask your friend you trust for his or her opinion on your relationship, or ask your partner directly how he or she thinks your relationship is going with them. Ask your children, how you’re doing as a father or a mother to them if you have any. After listening to them, then ask them how do you think I can be a better friend, dad, father or mother to them as the case may be? Ask a co-worker or your boss at work on their opinion on your job performance or your future career possibilities? Ask them what they think are your key strengths and weaknesses. You can also consult a professional like financial adviser or medical doctor for your financial and health help. You can also ask for advice in addition of their feedback. One of the best questions you can ask them is, what would you do if you’re me? Or what would you do if you’re in the same financial situation like me?

These questions would help you to begin to face the truth that otherwise you’ve been avoiding for long. Most people are happy you seek their advice, so take advantage of that to figure out the truth about your life. Other people are able to see things that we can’t see clearly for ourselves.

So take advantage of these two exercises, the writing and requesting for feedback from other people. Facing the truth raises your awareness, and running away from the truth lowers your awareness. One of the intelligent things you can do and also will help you tremendously in your personal growth is simply to begin with facing the truth of your life as it is right now. Just accept the reality of where you’re right now. The lesson here is that as soon as you learn the truth, the more prepared you will be to deal with the reality of your situation.


Until Next Time, Live Exceptionally!

Are Your Beliefs Serving You Or Holding You Back?

For most people, their belief system is this invisible force that is influencing their behavior without them noticing. Become aware of your behavior, and consciously shape how your belief system is been developed. Your behavior and your habits will follow to strengthens you live an exceptional life.

Our belief system is what creates our values and our values design our entire lifestyles altogether from our childhood to adulthood. Our lives and things we do with it are governed by the beliefs we either consciously or unconsciously holds within our thoughts system. Our beliefs are like unquestioned commands, telling us how things are, what’s possible and what’s impossible, what we can do and what we can’t do. These beliefs shape our every action, every thought we hold within ourselves, and also every feelings that we experience. Thus, changing our beliefs system at any particular time means changing our entire life altogether. Our beliefs either positive or limiting beliefs are what design life experiences.

We hold some beliefs that are empowering and some which are that disempowering. And the empowering beliefs are those beliefs that help us to live a great life and at the other hand, make us feel good about whom we are. For example, a belief of I can, even if I don’t know how, I will still learn how to do it because I have the capacity within me to develop myself to become whatever I desired to become in life. Disempowering beliefs are those beliefs that keep us in a box for a long time and on the other hand, make us live a small life. Example, a belief of I’m not good enough to be successful. I can’t do it because I will never learn how to do it. I don’t have the ability or what it takes to do it. Or a belief of getting more money is evil. Are you your beliefs serving you or holding you back? What are your beliefs about who you have become so far in life? Who you’re becoming right now? Or who you’re going to become in the next 5 to 10 years from today? Are your beliefs empowering or disempowering?

As adults, people often go about blindly living their lives guided by these unspoken laws called “beliefs” without ever bring them into light of the day and questioning their appropriateness. They just believe the outdated information to true because “it’s the way it’s has been or how we found it.

Our belief system can be determined by two factors; which are Global factor and Personal factor. For example, we were once told that the world is in circle form, and we all believed that for certain period of time without asking for a prove, we just believed. They later came up again with another research results, and told us that the world is now in spare form, we still believed that. We hold certain beliefs about our Religion, Culture, Tribe, Education, Traditions, etc. Global beliefs can be deepen into many phrases we used to defend ourselves when relating to others. For instance, someone can tell you I am a Christian, a Muslim, a Buddhist, an Atheist, a Hindu, etc. How is your religious helping you to make the world a better place? Have you been able to question your religious beliefs to know if they are empowering or disempowering?  Also, people often say, money is the roots of all evil, rich people are bad people, money doesn’t grow on trees. Formal Education is the key. Or it takes money to make money.

All these are examples of global belief. Our global beliefs are influence by the world standards, things we watch and listen to, our place of work, place of worship, and where we’re coming from. This also implies that most of our beliefs are created by society and people around us. Most people often believed on what everyone else think and thought to be true without questioning such beliefs.  They think they are powerless over the global beliefs even to question most of them. How are those global beliefs serving you? Are there empowering you to become whom you dreamed of becoming in life or are they holding you back?

On personal beliefs, we all have our personal core beliefs which are at the central sense of oneself. Those beliefs that are so central to whom we are. Also we have separate beliefs about career, relationship, money, spirituality, marriage, business, professions, etc. The beliefs you’ve been building from birth through your interactions with family, friends, life experience, work, school and life in general. They could be empowering or limiting beliefs. And all this are summed up to make up your personal beliefs. Your subconscious belief systems color every relationship, every job, and literally every experience you have because you interpret and interact with the world through the filter of your core beliefs. By becoming aware of them, you can choose which ones you want to buy into, which ones you want to detached from your subconscious brain, and substitute new thoughts that will serve you to take control of your life and happiness.

You know that little voice inside of your head that keeps running a commentary on everything you do, expresses fear and doubt, and guides your decisions? That inner critic is made up primarily of these subconscious core beliefs, and you just might be surprised at how harsh your inner voice is when you really stop to notice it.

 There are the reference points from your past experience either from painful and pleasurable moments. Your beliefs are not limited to your emotions or actions; they have the capacity to change your physical body. The intensity of an emotion repetitiously will change your body biochemistry and once your biochemistry is changed, it would reflect on your personal life. Your physical body is mapped out to know where physical pain is being held, or holds a certain emotional thought process.

In other words, our beliefs system exist to ensure that you’re capable of fulfilling certain needs that you have, whether that is related to fulfilling sexual desires, being secure, feeling loved by your partner, feeling a sense of belonging , or being able of developing your self-esteem. If you’re currently facing situations where you suddenly get exposed to very different thoughts and beliefs which really put your current belief system into question, you’re likely to experience emotions such as anxiety, anger, confusion, shocks and frustration.  

Are your beliefs serving you or holding you back? Are your beliefs empowering you to become a better version of you or you’re losing gradually in the game of life because of your beliefs system? Are your beliefs supportive or disempowering? What beliefs are you holding on the following; about starting your own business? Quitting an unfulfilling relationship? Making more money to support yourself and your family? Going for your life purpose? Taking risk to develop your courage and live exceptional life? Are your beliefs serving you perfectly or holding you back?

If your answer to the above questions are No or you’re not sure of your beliefs if they are serving you or holding you back, read on. First, we should recall that our beliefs are gathered or developed as a reference points from global and personal factors, such as books we read, life experience, school we attended, people we associates with, and stuffs like that. Without taking control of your beliefs system, you can keep raising your standards as much as you like, but you will never have the conviction to back them up. Your congruence or alignment with your inner beliefs will give you access to your inner resources and enable you meet up with your new standards you raised already. If your beliefs are empowering, it will give you sense of certainty and energy to achieve your goals, because you already had the convictions in your inner being. It’s up to you!

But if you aren’t conscious of your beliefs level at the moment, look at the result you’re getting from life generally and check in a scale of 1 to 10 whether they are serving you or holding you back. Scale of 1 to 4 means you’re struggling, you lack motivation. Nothing is pushing you to go for your dreams. Scale of 5 means you’re just living an average life. You’re just getting by each day. You’re living below your means. You aren’t contributing to anyone, you’re focusing on yourself. If this is all you want, how is it serving you? Why are you that selfish? Scale of 6 to 10 means you’re motivated and winning in the game of life at the moment. You’re not only talking about helping yourself, you’ve grown to be helping others to succeed as you succeed in your personal ventures. You’re giving back to the community to help make the world a better place for all. Your current lifestyle and the results you’re getting from life would be a good parameter to check if your beliefs are serving you or holding you back.

To re-examine your beliefs system to know if they are serving you or holding you back, ask yourself the following questions: Where does my beliefs come from? Is this my beliefs or have I adopted these beliefs from someone else? How does this belief have been helping me? How does this belief have been holding me back? How do I know if these beliefs I’ve been holding in my consciousness are true? And lastly, what are my new and updated beliefs that I’m working currently?

New beliefs can be created with a single thought whenever you’re ready to live an exceptional life, because your belief system is the invisible force behind your behavior. The new thought can then be converted into actions and the actions would leads to behavior, which then build strong new neural circuits into your brain. To change your limiting beliefs system, look at the reference points you’ve accumulated till date and check if they are serving you or holding you back. If they are not serving you, find information and individuals to that will support your new beliefs system you’re setting up. Do some self examination and know which part of your life you’ve to adopt new empowering beliefs to strengthen it.

Note, facing a long period of negative emotions doesn’t necessary have to be a sign that you have a problem. It can simply be as a result of external influence which have caused you to question some of your core beliefs, which has subsequently caused a disruption of your belief system. In those circumstances, it will take time for you to process this new information to the point where it becomes integrated into your belief system. Eventually, your existing beliefs will rearrange themselves in a way that the system reaches congruence once again. When you embrace the pain of the process of new beliefs forming, just let it be. Give your brain a space, let your the unconscious part of your brain work on the integration of the new beliefs into your belief system, and the rearrangement of the existing beliefs in ways that make synthesis between two different viewpoint possible. Even if these different viewpoints are so contradictory that it seems impossible on first view.

That is when real personal growth happens. When we start becoming a significantly different person than who we used to be. When our beliefs change so drastically that people around us start to wonder why we have changed so much in such a short period of time.

 Make a conscious decision to replace your limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs that will serve you not to hold you back. Think of having a fulfilling relationship, having a great job you love, you’re making enough money, living in your dream home, contributing to someone’s success as you succeed, having a good business you once dreamed about. Your success in every aspect of your life can be catalyzed once you’ve the inner convictions that you can possibly attract and achieve your goals. They are all in you only if you could believe they are obtainable.

Until Next Time, Live Exceptionally!


How to Check Your Ego Level

Our ego is our perception of ourselves and how we are seen by the outside world we interact every day. Everyone has an ego; it is a natural part of our humanity that helps us to understand our worth. When the ego is being discussed by a layperson, the opinion often expressed is that “having an ego”, and/or investing one’s ego into a given belief or outcome, is either good or bad. Learning to understand the human ego is one of the most powerful ways you can learn more about oneself and gain a greater understanding of others.

I’m not saying that all egos are bad. It isn’t. Everyone should have enough confidence/ego to stand on their own. It’s what defines you and is your spark, your creativity and your individuality. There’s nothing wrong with having drive, passion and excitement. Those are all good. But don’t confuse ego with arrogance. Where people get into trouble with ego is when it is misused.

Being Conscious of your Ego

Human Psychology is part of the art of science that deals with the study of our minds, character and behaviors, and others. It helps us to understand ourselves and others. The human brain is an interesting and powerful organ, but understanding why it does what it does is a process that we’re still studying. Both the conscious and subconscious mind has a significant influence on our behavior, but most us have only a minimal understanding of how they work.

It’s very easy to give our power away and use it to feed criticism of others. It’s much more challenging, but a lot more beneficial to channel our power into creating what we desire, including the myriad ways we can develop our characters’ potential.

Our ego is being characterized into Strong and Weak ego. Those with strong ego-strength are the individuals that feel that he or she can cope with the problem and find new ways of dealing with struggles. These people can handle whatever life throws at them without losing their sense of self. People with good ego strength tend to be very resilient in the face of life’s difficulties. The individuals with a weak ego are thus ones who suffer from anxiety and conflicts, and make excessive use of defense mechanisms or and also uses immature defense mechanisms, and is likely to develop neurotic symptoms, compared strong ego.

Two Major Types of Human Ego

The two are major types of human Ego is; Egoism and Egotism. Understanding each of them would help us to know exactly which type of ego we exhibit at any particular time and also check our ego level. Egoism and egotism give the impression to mean similar things, but take a closer look at their meanings.

Firstly, Egoism is being locked into self own perspective and acting for self interest and benefit at the expense of others. It’s also is the moral concept that composes self-interest as the substance of morality.  Applying to human beings, Egoism is a philosophical art that one acts very humbly, and pays attention to others—because it’s in their best interests to make people like them and want to treat them well. Egoism is a conviction that one was not created to aid or help others and has no compulsion to do so. A self-seeker also does not anticipate to be aided by others. Egoism does not uplift oneself above others. It is venal but not at the expense of others. Egoism can be considered a virtue.

Secondly, Egotism is one behaving that he or she is better than others and expressing these beliefs in words and actions, putting others down, belittling them and trying to make them fell small about themselves.  Also, Egotism is the drive to maintain and enhance favorable views of oneself, and generally features an inflated opinion of one’s personal features and importance. It often includes intellectual, physical, social and other overestimations. Egotism is a character trait which always make people often talk about themselves a lot, not listening to others—which makes people dislike them. Egotism often has a compensatory function—at some level, one feels inferior or inadequate, and try to make oneself feels big by making others seem small. In order to reduce one’s egotism and check level of one’s ego, one must hide his or her good qualities and achievement like a lamp inside a vessel, one dealing with others. One should not advertise them in public unless  there is a great purpose in doing so.

Egotism is portrayed through an overstated evaluation of one’s mental power, skills, significance, looks, humor, or other esteemed individual characteristics. These are the drivers which preserve and augment encouraging the opinion of oneself. Egotism is intimately about adoring oneself. Egotism is a disguise we wear to secrete the blunders or faintness we deem we have. The basis of egotism is the misconception that we’re special and the misbelief that some of us are better than others. Our false front will fall aside of its personal accord the minute we comprehend that we are all alike. We have the same doubts, faiths, and visions. Once we comprehend that, there is nothing to fear and nothing to get dismayed about.

Too often our ego is based on external forces. We judge our success on superficial standards of society rather than what’s really important to us.  We look at others to validate ourselves.  We feel superior to others because we have a bigger house or we feel inferior because we’re not as smart.  But something funny happens when our egos are formed by outside influences: we lose our self.  When the ego is out of alignment with our true nature we lose our agency because we see our situations in life as fixed.

But your lot in life is not fixed.  By taking ownership over our ego we can use it to harness our instincts and also improve the quality of our lifestyles. It takes awareness, practice, and strength to check the level of our Ego, but once we become conscious of our Ego it will help us creating quality relationship with others to live an Exceptional life altogether. Being conscious of our ego level would also help us to understand ourselves better, because we no longer live in ignorance of our Ego.

Are you taking full ownership of your ego? Where do you catch yourself criticizing others for being too ego-driven? What does that say about the character attributes you’ve been refusing to develop in yourself? Are you bothered by people who are super confident, much focused, very attractive, financially abundant, successful in relationships, super healthy, etc? Stop giving your power away to other people’s egos, and reclaim 100% responsibility for developing those aspects of your own character. It will take time to be sure, but you won’t get there faster by succumbing to denial.

Even though your truest identity is the consciousness behind your ego and not the ego itself, that doesn’t invalidate the reasons for building a strong and capable ego as your primary means of interacting with the physical world. An underdeveloped ego won’t do your consciousness much good anyway; a weak ego will only limit the range of experiences that are possible for you, thereby stunting your conscious growth. So don’t be so quick to buy into the notion that ego-less enlightenment is an intelligent spiritual ideal. Consider that building a stronger ego may be the more intelligent, heart-centered choice for you.

The ego’s capacity to distinguish what is occurring in one’s own mind from what is occurring in the external world. It is perhaps the single most important ego function because negotiating with the outside world requires accurately perceiving and understanding stimuli.

A greater understanding of the human ego is critical for understanding yourself and others. This understanding allows you to defend yourself from personal attacks, manipulate others, and much more.

Checking the level of our Ego and taking control of our ego means setting our own priorities.  Maybe that could means having more time with our family rather than a little more time we spent at work to make extra money. It could mean spending some time volunteering to help and support others or taking care of your health. It could mean looking into oneself and learn more about oneself or help one to connect with the true nature of reality to serve the highest good of all.

So, check your ego level today to help you take ownership of your ego and stop letting your ego own you. For additional resources on building oneself read my post titled “Don’t Disqualify Yourself, Try first”.

Until Next Time, Live Exceptionally!