Best Place to Invest Your Money

The best place to invest your money is in yourself. The rate of return from investing in your own knowledge and skills will be much higher than anything form of investment you will see from stocks market, real estate, or other investments you may think about. “Work Harder on Yourself than you do on Your Job. If you work harder on your job, you will barely make a Living but if you work harder on yourself will attract  or make a fortune. Success is something you attract by becoming an attractive person, not what you pursued. A good job is nice to go for but without self education, you will only end up by just making a living from your job. You must learn to invest on yourself because yourself investment will compound and reinvest itself back to you with great returns”. Jim Rohn  

Nowadays, everyone is talking about online and offline investment programs and a lot of people have cut me off from their lives because I never respond or paid attention to their investment program messages or sermons. They felt like I wasn’t the kind of person they looking for and then decided to get me off their way, which is still fine with me. All these happened because most of them often tagged me or see me as difficult person; which could be right for them because of the lens they are using to view my personality.

Those who tried to manipulate me to buy into their wimpy-skinny investment programs became frustrated and left. For me, someone ending my relationship with them because he or she couldn’t sell their investment business to me is still very much okay for me, they should know that I’m not like an ordinary person on the street you can convince with empty investment stories. I don’t invest on anything I don’t have enough information about because i don’t like losing my hard earned money.

Buying and reading a book titled “How to win friends and influence them” written by Dale Carnegie few years ago has been a great self investment for myself because the information in the book helped me to attract quality friends into my life and such friends have added values in every aspect of my life.. The same thing has been applied in every aspect of my life..For example, I’ve read books on finance, career, business, spirituality, personal development, relationships, parenting, etc…ideas from the books helped to shaped my life and also encouraged me made right choices each day….Self investment is my life investment, I can’t give up on it because the more I learn, the more I earn and win in the game of life.

I believe in education, so whatever I wish to do with my money, I first of all give in myself to study to understand what I’m trying to do and then practice and go on with it. I don’t believe in quick-fix idea of making money, rather I believe in learning how things work and start small, and build up from there. It must resonate with my instinct and through it I’ll create it in my world. I’m of this kind of person that wanna learn about things before doing them, not the doing things before learning about them. Learning before investing will save you a lot stress and resources because you would be acting from the place of knowledge, not ignorance.

In some cases you can even measure the rate of return. Say you buy a book. Even add in the cost of your average hourly rate multiplied by the time it took you to read it. Many books will be lousy. But every once in a while, you’ll get one good idea that gives you a huge rate of return. Like 10x the cost in a matter of months. This is especially true with business and personal productivity books. But often it isn’t a breakthrough idea but rather the continuous exposure to the same ideas presented in different ways that produces a steady return over time. And the results go way beyond monetary. If investing in your own knowledge finally gives you the idea you need to quit smoking, you can measure the lifetime financial savings in the cost of cigarettes, but what is the increased level of health worth to you? What is the idea that allows you to meet and connect with your future spouse worth? What is shedding 50 pounds of fat and knowing you can keep it off the rest of your life worth? What is building a career that totally fulfills you worth?

A trick I learned from Brain Tracy is to invest 3% of your income on your own personal development. I don’t know why he specifically uses 3%, but that seems about right to me. So if you earn $5000 per month, you’d invest just $150 per month on your own personal development. You could buy about 10 paperback business or self-help books; those are typically $12-16 each (but that’s a lot to read in a month). Or you could order about 3 six-cassette or six-CD audio programs; those are usually around $50-60 each, often $20-30 if you buy them used. Or that $150 could go toward the cost of a seminar or conference. Most one-day personal development seminars I’m familiar with are around $100, with 3-day or longer ones typically in the $200-600 range (although they can go much higher, well over $10,000). I find it best to mix and match different types of learning. For example, last month I bought few books on selling techniques and the information I learned from these has helped me developed by selling skills.

Instead of investing on stuffs we don’t have knowledge of, I suggest you first of all learn about the business you want to invest your money by buying books, audio CDs and DVD on the subject to develop yourself first. It will make some great sense when you have control of your investment instead of allowing someone to do that for you. Most people who trade or do business for others always satisfied their personal needs and want before declaring profit for those they are trading for. You’ve to stop giving your power to others and start investing in yourself first.

You don’t have to use all your money to buy books or audio program on personal development, rather, you could start saving little money each month from your income and start once you have enough money to do so. I suggest you start with free materials online via google. You can get some great information free of charge from google if you know the right words to search while looking for free materials online.

If you run your own business, you can decide whether you want to invest a percentage of your gross or your net income. I use some percent of my gross income on my persona development, which obviously gives me a higher budget. Use whatever figure you feel most comfortable with. The month you invest on yourself would be determined by how much you make monthly or yearly.
Investing in you can also be through skill acquisition programs, i.e learning new skills and using it for advantage.

The idea here is for you to invest on things you’re passionate about and give in your best learning them. In the long run, your investments would start returning in folds and pay off the hard part you passed through at the beginning. You don’t have to feel bad or less of yourself by trying to learn new things that would have you become successful in life. Everyone perfect person on any field was once a beginner, so don’t give up if the learning is tough or hard at the beginning. People will pay you once you become expert in your field of choice.

Self-education is the key, and acquiring the knowledge or a skill without having someone else to teach or tell you what to do will give you the edge to give in your best to invest your money, time, effort, energy, etc to become perfect. You are the only one who will help yourself get that knowledge without any formal instruction and you will be educated without any actual formal schooling.

Self-education had been a part of many people’s lives in our day and time and the truth is that many of us don’t every realize it. With the way that our everyday lives are progressing, we have a constant availability of information which we many times don’t take advantage of to its full content. Teaching yourself something can truly be a great experience and you can easily create a personalized plan to help you keep track of what you have to learn. Investing in yourself is the best place to invest your money.

The idea for this post came through my personal experience I had with most of my online friends who always talk about invest programs they know little or nothing about, which they kept on persuading me and others they see online to start investing.

I’m not against investment but I’m against investing on investment programs one don’t know anything about or how it works because you may not have control over your money if the market turn out negatively. And any business you don’t have control over your money is totally strange business to you and someone might be using you for slavery.

I’ve seen a lot of the investment programs that failed and most people lost big amount of money because they don’t have control over their money which later led them into bankruptcy. Before you buy into someone’s idea on any investment programs, invest in yourself first. Share the post if you’re inspired with the information. Thanks

Until Next Time, Live Exceptionally!!!

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