Are Your Beliefs Serving You Or Holding You Back?

For most people, their belief system is this invisible force that is influencing their behavior without them noticing. Become aware of your behavior, and consciously shape how your belief system is been developed. Your behavior and your habits will follow to strengthens you live an exceptional life.

Our belief system is what creates our values and our values design our entire lifestyles altogether from our childhood to adulthood. Our lives and things we do with it are governed by the beliefs we either consciously or unconsciously holds within our thoughts system. Our beliefs are like unquestioned commands, telling us how things are, what’s possible and what’s impossible, what we can do and what we can’t do. These beliefs shape our every action, every thought we hold within ourselves, and also every feelings that we experience. Thus, changing our beliefs system at any particular time means changing our entire life altogether. Our beliefs either positive or limiting beliefs are what design life experiences.

We hold some beliefs that are empowering and some which are that disempowering. And the empowering beliefs are those beliefs that help us to live a great life and at the other hand, make us feel good about whom we are. For example, a belief of I can, even if I don’t know how, I will still learn how to do it because I have the capacity within me to develop myself to become whatever I desired to become in life. Disempowering beliefs are those beliefs that keep us in a box for a long time and on the other hand, make us live a small life. Example, a belief of I’m not good enough to be successful. I can’t do it because I will never learn how to do it. I don’t have the ability or what it takes to do it. Or a belief of getting more money is evil. Are you your beliefs serving you or holding you back? What are your beliefs about who you have become so far in life? Who you’re becoming right now? Or who you’re going to become in the next 5 to 10 years from today? Are your beliefs empowering or disempowering?

As adults, people often go about blindly living their lives guided by these unspoken laws called “beliefs” without ever bring them into light of the day and questioning their appropriateness. They just believe the outdated information to true because “it’s the way it’s has been or how we found it.

Our belief system can be determined by two factors; which are Global factor and Personal factor. For example, we were once told that the world is in circle form, and we all believed that for certain period of time without asking for a prove, we just believed. They later came up again with another research results, and told us that the world is now in spare form, we still believed that. We hold certain beliefs about our Religion, Culture, Tribe, Education, Traditions, etc. Global beliefs can be deepen into many phrases we used to defend ourselves when relating to others. For instance, someone can tell you I am a Christian, a Muslim, a Buddhist, an Atheist, a Hindu, etc. How is your religious helping you to make the world a better place? Have you been able to question your religious beliefs to know if they are empowering or disempowering?  Also, people often say, money is the roots of all evil, rich people are bad people, money doesn’t grow on trees. Formal Education is the key. Or it takes money to make money.

All these are examples of global belief. Our global beliefs are influence by the world standards, things we watch and listen to, our place of work, place of worship, and where we’re coming from. This also implies that most of our beliefs are created by society and people around us. Most people often believed on what everyone else think and thought to be true without questioning such beliefs.  They think they are powerless over the global beliefs even to question most of them. How are those global beliefs serving you? Are there empowering you to become whom you dreamed of becoming in life or are they holding you back?

On personal beliefs, we all have our personal core beliefs which are at the central sense of oneself. Those beliefs that are so central to whom we are. Also we have separate beliefs about career, relationship, money, spirituality, marriage, business, professions, etc. The beliefs you’ve been building from birth through your interactions with family, friends, life experience, work, school and life in general. They could be empowering or limiting beliefs. And all this are summed up to make up your personal beliefs. Your subconscious belief systems color every relationship, every job, and literally every experience you have because you interpret and interact with the world through the filter of your core beliefs. By becoming aware of them, you can choose which ones you want to buy into, which ones you want to detached from your subconscious brain, and substitute new thoughts that will serve you to take control of your life and happiness.

You know that little voice inside of your head that keeps running a commentary on everything you do, expresses fear and doubt, and guides your decisions? That inner critic is made up primarily of these subconscious core beliefs, and you just might be surprised at how harsh your inner voice is when you really stop to notice it.

 There are the reference points from your past experience either from painful and pleasurable moments. Your beliefs are not limited to your emotions or actions; they have the capacity to change your physical body. The intensity of an emotion repetitiously will change your body biochemistry and once your biochemistry is changed, it would reflect on your personal life. Your physical body is mapped out to know where physical pain is being held, or holds a certain emotional thought process.

In other words, our beliefs system exist to ensure that you’re capable of fulfilling certain needs that you have, whether that is related to fulfilling sexual desires, being secure, feeling loved by your partner, feeling a sense of belonging , or being able of developing your self-esteem. If you’re currently facing situations where you suddenly get exposed to very different thoughts and beliefs which really put your current belief system into question, you’re likely to experience emotions such as anxiety, anger, confusion, shocks and frustration.  

Are your beliefs serving you or holding you back? Are your beliefs empowering you to become a better version of you or you’re losing gradually in the game of life because of your beliefs system? Are your beliefs supportive or disempowering? What beliefs are you holding on the following; about starting your own business? Quitting an unfulfilling relationship? Making more money to support yourself and your family? Going for your life purpose? Taking risk to develop your courage and live exceptional life? Are your beliefs serving you perfectly or holding you back?

If your answer to the above questions are No or you’re not sure of your beliefs if they are serving you or holding you back, read on. First, we should recall that our beliefs are gathered or developed as a reference points from global and personal factors, such as books we read, life experience, school we attended, people we associates with, and stuffs like that. Without taking control of your beliefs system, you can keep raising your standards as much as you like, but you will never have the conviction to back them up. Your congruence or alignment with your inner beliefs will give you access to your inner resources and enable you meet up with your new standards you raised already. If your beliefs are empowering, it will give you sense of certainty and energy to achieve your goals, because you already had the convictions in your inner being. It’s up to you!

But if you aren’t conscious of your beliefs level at the moment, look at the result you’re getting from life generally and check in a scale of 1 to 10 whether they are serving you or holding you back. Scale of 1 to 4 means you’re struggling, you lack motivation. Nothing is pushing you to go for your dreams. Scale of 5 means you’re just living an average life. You’re just getting by each day. You’re living below your means. You aren’t contributing to anyone, you’re focusing on yourself. If this is all you want, how is it serving you? Why are you that selfish? Scale of 6 to 10 means you’re motivated and winning in the game of life at the moment. You’re not only talking about helping yourself, you’ve grown to be helping others to succeed as you succeed in your personal ventures. You’re giving back to the community to help make the world a better place for all. Your current lifestyle and the results you’re getting from life would be a good parameter to check if your beliefs are serving you or holding you back.

To re-examine your beliefs system to know if they are serving you or holding you back, ask yourself the following questions: Where does my beliefs come from? Is this my beliefs or have I adopted these beliefs from someone else? How does this belief have been helping me? How does this belief have been holding me back? How do I know if these beliefs I’ve been holding in my consciousness are true? And lastly, what are my new and updated beliefs that I’m working currently?

New beliefs can be created with a single thought whenever you’re ready to live an exceptional life, because your belief system is the invisible force behind your behavior. The new thought can then be converted into actions and the actions would leads to behavior, which then build strong new neural circuits into your brain. To change your limiting beliefs system, look at the reference points you’ve accumulated till date and check if they are serving you or holding you back. If they are not serving you, find information and individuals to that will support your new beliefs system you’re setting up. Do some self examination and know which part of your life you’ve to adopt new empowering beliefs to strengthen it.

Note, facing a long period of negative emotions doesn’t necessary have to be a sign that you have a problem. It can simply be as a result of external influence which have caused you to question some of your core beliefs, which has subsequently caused a disruption of your belief system. In those circumstances, it will take time for you to process this new information to the point where it becomes integrated into your belief system. Eventually, your existing beliefs will rearrange themselves in a way that the system reaches congruence once again. When you embrace the pain of the process of new beliefs forming, just let it be. Give your brain a space, let your the unconscious part of your brain work on the integration of the new beliefs into your belief system, and the rearrangement of the existing beliefs in ways that make synthesis between two different viewpoint possible. Even if these different viewpoints are so contradictory that it seems impossible on first view.

That is when real personal growth happens. When we start becoming a significantly different person than who we used to be. When our beliefs change so drastically that people around us start to wonder why we have changed so much in such a short period of time.

 Make a conscious decision to replace your limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs that will serve you not to hold you back. Think of having a fulfilling relationship, having a great job you love, you’re making enough money, living in your dream home, contributing to someone’s success as you succeed, having a good business you once dreamed about. Your success in every aspect of your life can be catalyzed once you’ve the inner convictions that you can possibly attract and achieve your goals. They are all in you only if you could believe they are obtainable.

Until Next Time, Live Exceptionally!


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