About Uche

About Me

Okoronkwo Mba Uche is from Alayi in Bende L.G.A Abia State, Nigeria. He graduated from Abia State University, Uturu from Department of Industrial Chemistry 2011. He has worked with KPMG, Access Bank Nig Plc, and Oche MFB Limited respectively. He’s now an Entrepreneur venturing with online businesses and general businesses too. He is the MD CEO of Arts of Exceptional Life and www.fastlinksbulksms.com respectively. 

He is a guy of passion, purpose, and power. He believes there is no passion in playing it small-in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living. In living the life of your dreams, you must have the courage to bet on your dreams, take the calculated risk and leave behind things that hold you back. “Dare to Soar”. The only limits in life we face are the ones we impose to ourselves, nothing less. Uche believed, no matter what happens to any man or woman, he/she will soon recover from it and even become more of him/her provided that the incidence didn’t affect the brain. He believes that our mind is the greatest asset God gave us. You become more by improving your mind and doing what you’re passionate about. Those who envision greatness, usually achieve it. Let Uche inspire you to reach new levels….Life takes on new meaning when you set goals and charge after them in an UNSTOPPABLE manner! Live Your Dreams.

I read, research, explore, experiment, contemplate, test, and refine ideas. As I discover meaningful insights, I share them via my blog website I do what I can to support people on their paths of growth. I encourage people to contribute value to the world as well, so we can create compounding ripples of improvement for all.

I write about the art and science of how to live a exceptional life. Science because I am concerned with the root causes of our behavior and the data behind high performance. Art because I want to figure out how to apply these ideas and put them into daily practice. But I don’t merely write about things. Along the way, I like to try out the concepts for myself as I experiment with building better habits as an entrepreneur, writer, and weightlifter. In the end, my work ends up being one-part storytelling, one-part academic research, one-part personal experiment. It’s a colorful blend of inspirational stories, academic science, hard-earned wisdom. I don’t claim to have all the answers and I still have a lot to learn, but I’m happy to share what I’ve learned along the way. If you’re ready to learn how to master the arts of exceptional life, you can join me as I post and share ideas I’ve gathered from years of experience and conscious personal development quest for living an exceptional life.

          Mission Statement

I designed Arts of Exceptional Life with an intention of developing a loyal growing community of readers who are interested in improving themselves and living Exceptional Life through personal development and conscious growth.

If you do truly want to change your life and understand the true potential each of us have, you will find the all the necessary tools and skills within this community to make that intention a reality. I focus on having an open opinion about everything and formulating our own beliefs through knowledge and understanding. Taking the time with this knowledge to evaluate yourself may yield some beneficial and helpful results.

Life has too many questions still to be answered and we have grown as a culture to not address the more important aspects of what we are really evolving towards. As a majority we focus too much on problems rather than solutions. We dwell on past mistakes and have trouble leaving them in the past because we are unhappy with our results so far. Results only will happen with consistent focused effort toward making life more easier and enjoyable for you. We are all instinctively trying to survive and evolve for a certain reason that has yet to be determined. It may very well never be completely determined but the only thing that has been determined is you can do absolutely anything you want with your life. The only restrictions you have is what you already believe. If you don’t believe its possible you will constantly put up roadblocks for yourself on the road towards creating a difference.

Knowledge is infectious, and it spreads rapidly throughout a community when it is 100% beneficial for everyone. As each member gains knowledge and understanding, it spreads like a web everyone can catch onto and learn from. The rate at which it spreads is determined by the effort of the community as a whole. Each contribution, no matter how small it is perceived to be, makes a difference towards building an infinitely large pool of value for everyone to share.

This website exists to inspire, encourage, and support you on your path of living exceptional life. Please use it for your benefit, share it freely, and let me know how I may continue serving you.

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